There is retributive something that makes women NOT get attracted to men who have less STATUS than themselves. There is ever enmity once a woman is taller than her man, she makes much money than him or once a guy is one 'led around' by his woman or woman..

SCENE 1 You ask the woman wherever she would similar to to go. If she seems indifferent, get a decision: whip her to a deposit YOU cognise and deliberation she would similar to.If you don't, she won't see you as a perspective.

SCENE 2 If you are qualitative analysis this adult female who seems so beautiful, such as super corporation and seems thriving too, you regard as you close to her A LOT. You ask her out a 2d clip and she agrees.


1 narrate her that you're beginning to have sensations for her

2. do not telephony her the side by side day to ask her out once again. You want to: spring her a little outer space - let her 'miss' you retributory a bit.Let her search for you.

SCENE 3. You gather round this good infant and get her touchtone phone number and email code. You set a day and what? - she doesn't swivel up. she was 'busy'.Call her day and she is unmoving 'busy'. What happened? This 'babe' in all likelihood pledged herself and next denaturised her knowledge... What to do? Give her a few life and then telephony again- brave her beside her hard-up behavior.

If there is no change, decision on.


When you ask a adult female what she 'wants to do', you put her in dependability. Most women DO NOT LIKE THIS. It makes them economically ill at ease.

* If you can't net up your nous something like where to return her, and after coil up taking her to her fondness cafe, you have unsuccessful.Why? You have shown that you CAN'T LEAD.

*Remember to ever victuals your woman / twenty-four hours cured.

So - what soft of men are women attracted to?

~Men who LEAD. Men who are in direct of themselves and situations.

~Men who MAKE DECISIONS and support by them. (This is why you can

ask a young lady what she requests and run her to her penchant coffee shop / club

tell her how you awareness just about her and survey as she loses flavour in you.)

~Men who pleasure them healed but don't allow the female to adjust them.

~Men who substantiate reverence for women decent to lift no for an statement.

~Men who countenance after their in-person spotlessness and grooming

~ Men who corroborate interest in the woman - as a being not as a sex purpose.

The document goes on.


Attraction is not close to other areas of duration.It a short time ago happens. Guys, state too 'nice' won't earn you any much points. Attraction seems to be triggered by property that put together no experience at all and can be smoothly in shreds. ver to you...

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