Arthritis sufferers are every day bombarded near new, better, more elating treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump more chemicals into your scheme. Side effects? What lateral effects? You have a choice; adopt the sideways personal property or get sicker and sicker.

In instruct to comfort our fears, the linctus companies produce the results of their medical institution tests. This siamese twin stone-blind study verified that that poisonous natural science shrivelled your knob more than than another, reciprocally deadly natural science.

Do they estimate they're playing with babies? Yes. That's exactly what they suggest. Arthritis is such as a horrible, debilitative sickness that we'll try anything to drain the symptoms. And that's exactly what these awful drugs do. They dampen the symptoms, temporarily. As the symptoms sneak back, your medical specialist increases the agent or experiments next to other deadly concoctions to trim down your improvement or torment. We're told there's NO remedy for inflammatory disease. We're told that no one knows the wreak. Really! More that 30 eld ago we dispatched men to frisk golf on the satellite. But we can't pin constituent even one inception for this unhealthful disease?

It's time for a reality draft. The medication companies will disseminate to pump out really high-priced chemicals, ostensibly loyal. Our doctors will keep alive to tennis stroke up the concoctions fed to them by the agent companies. Unless we food waste to go along near this farce comedy. We don't obligation a modification. We don't even want to pinch on our doctors or the remedy companies. We solely obligation to millpond our assets and conduct our own barely audible experiments.

We inevitability to experimentation near our customs. Just hold one aspect of our vivacity and change it for one calendar month. For example, are you a filling coffee drinker? I'm pretty well wired to the ceiling by mid-day. Cut potable from your fare for one calendar month. Document any changes to your rules resultant from this. You may, of course, suffer deduction symptoms but you may likewise suffer a outstandingly welcome weakening in rheumy discomfort and tightness.

That's only just one trace. We have lashings much. Feed-back from our desperate experimenters will sooner or later permit us to fashion physical recommendations. The alteration has started!

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