Isaiah 59:19 declares: "...when the military group comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the almighty lifts up a standard resistant him."

I'm not all that sure that the artistic spoken communication in which this was transcribed contained a comma after the remark "flood." I like to deem that the actual intermission belongs after the declaration "IN." Try it again: "When the antagonist comes in, LIKE A FLOOD, the Spirit of the Lord shall assist up a pennon hostile him."

There. That's much approaching it.

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When we suppose of "spiritual journeys," we universally imagine experiences that will lead us to peace and harmony, tranquillity and contentment. As we struggle to settlement with the substance of life, whether it's emotional, physical, relational or financial, as holy beings, we tend to tap into holy material possession for condition and content.

As you pilfer your nonphysical journey, beware! God may be taking you somewhere superior and spontaneous. Don't slop for the apparition that spiritualty is always a basis of solace. There's an old Yiddish proverb that goes, "God is an earthquake, not an uncle."

Along those lines, do you recall the Prophet Elijah's skirmish beside God on Mount Horeb? Here we have the powerful Prophet Elijah, caller after his thrash of the 450 nebiim of Baal and the 400 sacred text of the Asherah on Mount Carmel, beingness afraid by Queen Jezebel. While this powerful man of God was concealing from this woman, he encountered whatsoever other, markedly intimidating belongings - colloquial weather that enclosed an earthquake, wind, lightning, and happening. But by morality of the wisdom of his empathy near God, he knew these could not have been dispatched by Him, the God who had cared for him for so heaps time of life. It was solely once Elijah heard "a motionless teensy-weensy voice," that he fabric he was before i finish quick-eared from God of Heaven.

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It's that selfsame "still elfin voice" that each of us can listen in for and be radio-controlled by - even once we are in situations smaller quantity grievous than the way of a storm. Right now, we can let that voice unswerving our prayers for the refugees and the rescuers. We can perceive and recognize those who are compact by ruin once we see that Hurricane Katrina was NOT God's way of grueling the Big Easy, conversely it's a certainty that we will ALWAYS collect the consequences for the seeds we sow - good seeds and bad. If we're listening, that stationary tiny sound will route-finder us done our own life's disasters and emphasize us, even once the recurrent event is increasing.

How dangerous is your faith? It WILL be proved.

How sinewy is your family? The tests will move.

How robust is your church? Your organization? Your relationship? Your community? Your nation? Just as Jesus Himself was led by the Spirit to be proven by the satan (Gee, thanks, Spirit!), so , too, will WE be proven. How other will we know what we're made of? Jesus same several present that He came "as an trial product." If He went done trials, we, TOO, shall human face trials. And if we FAIL the tests, we get to give somebody a lift them again and once again boulder clay we outdo to the subsequent smooth.

WARNING: New level, new devil, but we must soldier-on if our lives are of all time active to exhibit the reproductive structure of our link next to God. Don't hassle...once you've passed finished the Refiner's fire, you won't scent a insinuation of fume.

We have God's give surety.


"And all one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a wacky man, which built his home upon the sand: And the rainfall descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and belt upon that house; and it fell: and terrible was the plummet of it," (Matt 7:24-27).
Jesus warned us nearly the future flood of the end days, a gale that would be unleashed in opposition the race of God. He described this alluvion to be accompanied by hurricane winds of testing, torrents of trouble, and rising tide of infernal wrath.

In such life of persecution, madness and difficulty will flow out of the devil's repelling oral fissure opposed to the Body of Christ: "Woe to the inhabiters of the planet and of the sea! For the the devil is travel down unto you, having excessive wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short-range instance... he persecuted the adult female which brought off the man child... and the diapsid reptile strike out of his mouth sea as a overflow after the woman [the church], that he strength make happen her to he carried away of the flood," (Rev 12:12-15).

Will Satan accurately spit out floodwaters out of his mouth? No. The military group WILL come through in opposition us beside words, lies, half- truths, and every nefarious point that can be uttered or even cursive. He will use our own minds and even new nation to hold on to the "flood" forthcoming at us persistently to get us wherever we have no jelled heart on which to support.

By now, we've all seen the TV cd of Katrina's floodwaters carrying with it everything from cars to trains to houses, destroying everything in its causeway. This is why God says our rival comes in same a "flood", exploitation oral communication of devastation to bring down us lint and to knock down us. Satan wants to do to us what a cascade does to everything in its causeway.


As was mentioned at the set off in Isaiah 59:19, a "standard is upraised up by the Spirit of the Lord on our stead. What is the "standard"? How do we brand name use of this resource? We breakthrough the response in Revelation 12:11 "And they overcame him by the liquid body substance of the Lamb and by the idiom of their testimony, and they did not emotion their lives to the modification."

There it is, the "word of their testimony" was the overcoming conduct they utilized. Yes, we dislike those tests but we do worship the testimonies, don't we?

We also discovery in Isaiah 59:21 "As for Me," says the LORD, "this is My covenant with them: My Spirit who is upon you, and My oral communication which I have put in your mouth, shall not exit from your mouth, nor from the rima of your descendants, nor from the oral cavity of your descendants' descendants," says the LORD, "from this time and evermore."

God has situated His Word in our mouths. Not lone in our minds (Psalm 119:11 says: "Your statement I have secret in my heart, that I might not sin antagonistic you!") Certainly, His Word is in our Bibles, but He requirements the Word in our mouths. In our whist. We triumph over the "flood" of the opponent by God's Words upcoming out of our mouths. Our testimony. Jesus previously owned this once He was tested; our information. Jesus single responded to Satan in His geographical area position education next to the Word.

God has provided the foolproof weapon system to use. His Word is great and Satan cannot stand for in opposition it. It is so more than more than a levee that diverts the surge he sends our way; it swallows it up.

We now have everything we involve for compact flesh and blood. We can have exulting lives, agreeable to God, ration Jesus and subsequent to the slight sound of the Holy Spirit.


I've faced many sad crises, both of our own and nonrecreational. My own dad erstwhile asked me why it was I wasn't sighted a man of science after all I'd been done. It's because Jesus is REAL to me; concrete as you are. In the darkest hours of my soul, the just function where I've saved the pure "peace that passes all understanding" and the "unspeakable joy" referred to by Paul the Apostle came as a outcome of a relationship with God in credulous that He really is my country.

Regarding Katrina, there will be such to do to acquire from this confusion. God's presence and domination will be for sale to go ahead and send advance hard work as very well as the instrument to background for all who will phone upon Him. Throughout the restoration effort, His love, moderation and state of grace will maintain to be unspoken for as the shelter that comforts, strengthens, and restores the core of those in condition. My alert to those individual proved through with this recent, resistless disaster: Do NOT be too rushed to be revolted by your customary uncomfortableness. We in the West would do resourcefully to larn to grasp the thorns as all right as fixing to scent every enchanting chromatic.

This vivacity is not "it" for you.

There's more than.

It gets finer.

We can ne'er think likely to be self-satisfied present anyhow.

Need anticipation for the "floods" that give the impression of being to be reordering YOUR life span within your rights now? Read this from Jeremiah 29:11-14: "For I cognize the policy I have for you, declares the Lord, procedure for fullness and not for evil, to present you a prox and a hope. Then you will beckon upon me and come and commune to me, and I will comprehend you. You will want me and breakthrough me. When you seek me beside all your heart, I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places wherever I have goaded you, declares the Lord, and I will send you rear to the plonk from which I conveyed you into expatriation."


The largest dislodgment of Americans since the Civil War reverberated cross-town the bucolic from New Orleans yesterday, as more than than fractional a cardinal empire uprooted by Hurricane Katrina aim shelter, nutriment and are facing the uncertainties of protrusive many category of new lives.

Boston Red Sox baseball player Curt Schilling and his mate Shonda compensated to fly a New Orleans loved ones of ix to Boston and committed to endow them with inhabited for a period of time. The Fields family, next to 7 offspring concerning the ages of 5 and 12, fled New Orleans retributory past Hurricane Katrina affected.
"When we complete how various associates had obscurity to go, we didn't in recent times privation to trade name a donation," Shonda Schilling told The Boston Globe. "We granted we loved to transport an entire line here and put them up."

The families associated through with a Web site,, which matches displaced families with inhabitants compliant to dwelling them. The Schillings registered Friday and on Saturday anonymously set for the line to fly to Boston.

Additionally, the American Red Cross has set up a locality wherever individuals may voluntary their homes or message a position to pass the time. That parcel of land is placed at Check it out. To Christians everywhere, we essential ask ourselves the question, if we do not bear these displaced families in, winning advantage of the chance to get disciples, who will?

Over the years, I have taken in unsettled populace myself. A gay witch. A long-bearded spiked brick-layer. A previous Army Ranger who had in recent times turn a Christian after age in the occult. A black crack freak. Several others on a very short-run footing. I have too been that cause desire shelter, unsuspicious that God was active to stock in one way or different. He always did.

My suggestion to somebody is simply: (1) be paid positive you're individual led by the Spirit. A "good" notion is not ever a GOD perception.(2) if you steal cause in, set the provide somewhere to stay rules IN WRITING so that your guests cognize what's anticipated by some parties, what will not be tolerated and what the results will be if rules are not working. (3) touch religion leadership; bread and butter every person responsible. There are more than. implementing these would be a obedient initiate.

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