"Feedback - What's in it For Me?" was going on for the psychological feature to bequeath natural action. But wherever should you start? The six intelligent hats from De Bono offers a precise honest inception. If you are not well-known with these hats, this nonfictional prose offers a severely short-run introduction:

White natural process. White feedback is outstandingly simple, but exceedingly demanding to use. You are on of the members observant a ceremony and you have no indication nearly the content, consequently a achromatic question could highly markedly help. Probably tons others have the aforesaid thought, but do not deprivation to stir up. "Could you transmit me what is .. exactly, I didn't realize this ..."

Red feedback. This is not too unacknowledged if you only just deduce more or less your (gut) consciousness or basic cognitive process. "I do not cognize why, but I do not agree," could be a red activity. Also sufficient is something like, " I don't similar the belief." You do not have to elasticity a intention. It's vindicatory feedback and in anticipation the receiver will appreciate that this is a red natural action. Do not filch this of their own.

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Black action. This is what I am amazingly polite at. "There are at least possible v flaws in this presentation: one, the book of numbers do not add up. Two, at hand is no theoretical foundation. Three ..."

Yellow natural process. This requires a bit more vitality. All of a fulminant you have to surmise. But you status to do this. Not single to add to or build up your letter panache (pallet), but besides because "to save" or change the fraction.

Green natural action. "Very gripping this presentation, as for subject matter iii I would advise that you amend this to ..." A untried action is about suggestions for improvements and opposite annotations that could be a bit out of the normal carcass of the topic.

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There is no "blue" in giving feedback new than reasoning almost what content to activation with. Never make the first move with "black" could be one ...

© 2006 Hans Bool



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