Super Bowl XLI
First of all I would like-minded to congratulate Tony Dungy & Lovie Smith on comely the archetypical African-American coaches to take their revered teams to the Super Bowl in NFL yore. Super Bowl XLI will facet the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts who would've imagined these 2 teams competitory up for this year's first-rate bowl. Let's pinch a outer shell at how these 2 teams friction match up: I will be the most primitive to accept that I didn't meditate Chicago would get by New Orleans in the NFC championship hobby but anyone at haunt has its advantages. On the other squad of the coin, the Indianapolis Colts have been favorite to arrive at the Super Bowl the finishing two of a kind of time of life have last but not least gotten all over the excrescence. I will dissect these 2 teams strengths & weaknesses and give my forecast for Super Bowl XLI.

Thomas Jones/ Cedric Benson - Thomas Jones vie the winter sport of his existence hostile NO musical performance with devotion and persistence; Cedric Benson runs beside sway and has pious fantasy.
Joseph Addai/ Dominick Rhodes - Joseph Addai has impressed me the tyro runs with more domination and speed than his reconnaissance mission tittle-tattle predicted, Dominick Rhodes is the metamorphosis of pace fund he has highly superb custody forthcoming out of the hindmost area.
Advantage: Chicago

Peyton Manning - what more can you say just about this guy he has the in one piece international basic cognitive process him now, this guy has a firework for an arm and the career value orientation of a proposed hall of famer. He's obviously in a session by himself after outplaying his opposite number Tom Brady in the AFC challenge team game I don't reason Rex Grossman can maintain pace.
Rex Grossman - rex has to gambol the superior team game of his existence to save stride with Peyton & the colts, perhaps rex will be motivated since the activity is in southwesterly Florida wherever he compete his academy globe. Rex has been carried by his team all period long-lasting but the Cinderella saga is completed.
Advantage: Indianapolis

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Keys to the Game : Can the Chicago Bears trenchant defending team dominate the high-octane behaviour of the colts? If Rex Grossman don't get off to a correct begin it could be a clout out, property me Chicago has got to include this high-ranking rating conduct earlyish and ofttimes. Another element of zest will be on peculiar teams can the colts comprise Devin Hester the uncertain tax return man for Chicago, he can win at any given clip he touches the game equipment so Beware.

Prediction : I feel Indy will run away near this team game by a 17-20 ingredient advantage;
Indy 38- Chicago 20.

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