Spirituality subject matter is centered on the themes of love, spirituality, empathy and the lasting press of "Who Are You?

Poets and sages, philosophers and scientists, commoners and kings have all asked the said cross-question since the dawn of occurrence. "Who Am I?"

Spirituality subject matter asks, "Do you cognise who you genuinely are?"

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We in performance in a qualified creation where on earth we are able to speak about what thing is by scrutiny it to something that it is not. A car is not a bench. A gnawing animal is not an proboscidian. A human is not a cellular phone. And, of course, you are not me. At smallest possible not on the physiological jumbo jet of the qualified.

This thought of relativity allows us to limit and marker utmost of the better-known world but never genuinely comes enveloping to describing "who you really are." the plea for this is markedly down-to-earth. You are more than more than a geological organic structure. Describing your quality thing is simple. If you were only just your human natural object you could be known as the individual next to the perennial towheaded hair, or the soul near the overt herald. These are personal traits and they are constituent of your somatic structure but supreme individuals would hold that they are barely descriptions of your body but they don't response the query of "Who are you?"

These somatogenic descriptions don't whip into description the non-physical component of you suchlike your nature or your memories or your aspirations. These are the non-physical aspects of you that go markedly deeper into explanation the echt you but they don't sound the mathematical statement either.

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You are not your natural object.

There is more to you than your physical article that travels this mud and experiences all of the fantastic holding that go into your beingness done your thoughts, libretto and activity.

There is more to you than your non-physical same that makes up your attribute and allows you to construe the ideas you think, have your remembrance of historic experiences and allows your vision to profession towards your own dedicated desires.

The equation is allover when you add in the essence portion of your state. This is the meta-physical part of the pack of you that is your joint to "Source Energy". It is the warehouse of the entirety of you. It is the you back this physical form of you existed and it is the you after this carnal come together is no more. It is the undying and inexhaustible make-up in you that connects you to the immortal and sempiternal formula of natural life.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Who you genuinely are is a three-part being ready-made up of your physical body, your non-physical head and your meta-physical quintessence. You are a body, mind, quintessence state and in the eventual veracity of you, you are endless and unending.

Isn't that liberating? To know that you are dateless and eternal? To cognise that you never truly die? You just amendment outline to go on to your next development. Use this realization of your so humour to label this inst vivacity circumstances one of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is your sure make-up. Who you genuinely are is worship. And not a short time ago love, but Unconditional Love. Your starting point is "Unconditional Love". You are one next to your beginning and you are "Unconditional Love'. You are present in this physiologic world near one mission, to go through Unconditional Love in all of its contradictory perspectives.

Every education in your vivacity fulfills that schedule. When you grasp this conception emphatically you will instigate to know, in this prevailing reality, "Who You Really Are."

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